Do you ever wonder what a guy is hoping to get out of your relationship? When you date a lot as us girls at London escorts do, you often wonder where a relationship is going. When I first joined London escorts, I thought that a lot of the men who enjoyed the company of escorts in London, were looking for genuine relationships. Yes, you do get some men who are looking for genuine love, but in general, most men only want to have adult fun when they take a girl out from a London escorts agency out.

So, what should you do if you are not sure what a guy is after? Many women think that men are after long term relationships. But even if men don’t date London escorts, it does not mean they are looking for genuine long term relationships. Are men still into “getting their leg over“? Sadly, both my personal and London escorts experience tells me that men really just want to get their leg over. Sure, they are happy to tell you that you have gorgeous big blue eyes, but if they are less interested in the color of your eyes than the redness of your nipples.

Is he just after someone to look after him? Believe it or not, we often come across this at London escorts. You be surprised how many men ask London escorts to help them out with some of their ironing or housework during an outcall. It really makes you wonder what it is all about. Of course, they want you to clean their house in a particular way. In fact what they are looking for is a French Maid. At least that is one service most London escorts provide.

What if he wants you to be his meal ticket? This does not happen so much at London escorts, but it has happened in my private life on many occasions. There are actually men out there who are on the look out for girls who earn a lot of money. If you find yourself being interviewed about your personal circumstances, it could well be that he is more interested in your flat than in you. Be careful, it is hard to get rid of someone once they have moved in if you know what I mean.

We all seem to be after something these days. I am not sure that I am comfortable dating anymore. Sure, it is nice to receive male attention, but I get plenty of that during the night at London escorts. When I come home, I often like to keep my own company. That is not for all women. Many women really do crave male attention and will do almost anything to hang on to it. Although I think it is nice, I have to admit that I am not so desperate that I am willing to sacrifice my own personal principles. I wonder how many other women that way.

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