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Jealousy is an unwanted sensation that some people would practically offer anything never ever to experience it.

Nevertheless, once in a while like something we least anticipate it comes to strike us and sometimes we do not know the best ways to deal with it. The moment you feel you have actually started experiences bouts of envious deal with it…


I have come to the conclusion that the locals gents may not be ready for London escorts yet.

The agency opened a few weeks ago, and the rush to the door has not happened yet. Lots of gents in this part of north London, date before they leave work. I can totally understand that, and I am sure that will come…


Drinks for most escorts

I was having a chat with my friends at Harrow escorts from the other day, and the girls were keen to point out that certain drinks make you feel in a certain way. For instance, it is widely thought that brandy makes…


We all have our different passions and my passion is dating Indian girls.  

On my last visit to London, I was told that the place in run over by Indian escorts, but I only met one girl in central London. It cost me a small fortune to enjoy a date with her. Sure, she was really…


The cold beds – Pimlico escorts

I am really into one night stands, and I have to admit that I pick up many guys and follow them home. Most guys are a bit reluctant to come to your place, so most of the time, I do go home with…


My health has improved all because of a London escort.

I’m doing so well now that there is a London escort. She is just a simple person who does not want to mess around when it comes to relationships. That’s why she is a very good person to be with. It’s a nice…


A part of me always gets excited when I am with a London escort.

The nicest thing about my girlfriend is she can always keep an open mind around everything. She knows a lot about me already and there is so much confidence that I feel towards having a girl just like her. She is not the…


The most that I’ve got on me is when I found my one true love – Westminster escort

It’s hard to be inspired in the last because I had no family left. Even though I got really lucky in finding a good job I still felt alone and incomplete. That’s why for a very long time I have been secretive about…


I don’t want to tell my West Midland escort that I can’t be there for her.

The least thing problems that have been given to me by another girl are still my girlfriend. We are together for quite a while already. But we know that we will always stick around for each other no matter what. Knowing what we…


I care about the Clapham escort who’s been kind to me.

It should not be a problem to deal with my ex-girlfriend if she was not a bad person. Even though we are not together it still feels like she haunts me all of the time. She always makes me feel like she is…