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Does virginity or experience matter the most?

I am not sure that I am into this new virginity trend as I like to think that experience matters more when it comes to getting married. It is not only sexual experience which matters, but I think that emotional experience matters as…


Would you like to be my Valentine?

Is it unusual for London escorts to be propose to? No, it is not that unusual at all to be honest, and it has happened to me on rather a few occasions now. I was a bit surprised when it started to happen,…


Sexual Behaviour

I love sex, I’m just a girl that loves fucking and I wont apologise for that. Sometimes I think that we work a bit to hard at understanding human sexual behaviour. That is certainly true if you start taking a look at the things…



Paraphilia is often considered to be a way of describing and enjoying sexual behaviour in a way that is strange and often dangerous and out of control. Many people get bored of the usual sexual acts that can take place when an individual…