I was having a chat with my friends at Harrow escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/harrow-escorts the other day, and the girls were keen to point out that certain drinks make you feel in a certain way. For instance, it is widely thought that brandy makes you feel randy. To be perfectly frank with you, I am not really that much into brandy and I cannot even say that I like the taste of it. But, I do know that I like a bit of Spanish Ponche. That is more of liquor type drink, and on a cold winter’s day, it can really warm you up from the inside.

My friend Tina who works with me at Harrow escorts, just loves Tia Maria. She says that she could drink all day long, and when she feels a bit down in the morning, she often has a little tipple. According to Tina, it puts here in the mood straight away, and can help to make her feel super sexy. This is why she says, she always a Tia Maria when she is on a date with some of her favorite gents, it just gets her motor running, and she is ready to close the door to have some fun.

Another one of the girls at Harrow escorts, Annie, loves to enjoy a glass of red wine. It is so relaxing she says, and when she is tired, she may just have a sip of red wine for inspiration. Also, Annie is a great believer in red wine, and seems to think that it is good for her health. Recently, as we were having a chat after a really hot duo date, she told me that she believes a glass of red wine can give you extra energy, and is also good for your heart. Maybe I should try sometime.

We do have a girl at Harrow escorts who is a serious white wine drinker. I am sure that most of probably find most white wines a bit too sweet. Shalma does not and she says it is nothing like having a nice glass of white wine with her meal. Actually, she is one of those girls who cannot go out to dinner or have lunch without a glass of white wine. Some girls are just like that, and I have to admit that Shalma does look good with a glass of wine in her hand.

Overall though, you need to be careful and not drink too much. Of course, us girls at Harrow escorts like to look after ourselves, but at the same time, we like to treat ourselves. If, there are no gents available to help us out and keep us going, we might just have a little tipple. It does not do any harm. But personally, I would rather sit on the sofa with you than with a half empty glass of wine. Let’s put it this way, have a gent in my hand is ten times more exciting than having a glass in my hand…