Next time when I am able to take a couple of weeks off from Mayfair escorts, I think that I might just jump in my car with my boyfriend and go exploring instead. To be honest, I am sort of tired of beaches and endless row of sunbeds, it would be kind of nice to do something special on your holiday for once. I am really looking forward to exploring the UK, and I have even started to plan in a little route.

Of course, the UK is rather a big place and I know that I cannot see it all at once. One of the girls at Mayfair escorts from has been to Cornwall and she seems to like it there. That could be a great place to start as you can go there almost any time of the year. After all, it is not too cold in Cornwall and my friend tells me that she has been there in February and the weather has been amazing. The last time she was there she was walking around in a t-shirt enjoy one of the many walks in this part of the country.

I would also like to see Yorkshire. So many great people seem to have come from this part of the world, and I like the look of the place. One of the gents that I date at Mayfair escorts comes from Leeds and he says that it is a nice part of the world. It all sounds great and I think that I would enjoy places like the Yorkshire moors. Also, I have always been fascinated by Dracula so I might go and visit Whitby to see what that it is like.

Scotland is another place that I have also longed to see. It is really stunning, and one gents from Mayfair escorts collects whiskey and travels there a lot. He says that it is pretty any time of the year but the winter can be cold. I am not sure that I would travel to Scotland in the winter time, it is rather one of those countries that I would try to get to in the summer. I know that it is full of nasty nats in the summer but you cannot have it all. Perhaps I will meet Nessie when I am there.

It could be that we still have foreign holidays but I am not sure that they would be two week holidays. I would like to feel some warm sunshine on my skin after the winter at Mayfair escorts, but at the same time I would like to see something different. The best idea could be to visit travel around the UK in the summer and then to travel somewhere else in the autumn and winter. There are loads of exciting places to see around the world, but I think that we easily forget that there are exciting places to see around the UK as well.