Transvestites seem to enjoy working as escorts in London and acting out their feminine personas. As a matter of fact, I wonder if some clients prefer transvestite London escorts to regular night worker’s charlotte escorts of

But what happens once the make-up comes off?

Surprise, surprise

Transvestites working as escorts in London often lead very normal lives, and once their shift is over, many of them go home to their wives and family. This is perhaps one way, or the only way, they can fulfil their fantasies. Being around female escorts may even make them feel more feminine and can allow them to explore their sexuality.

All the time

Some transvestites do stay true to character and live their lives as women. Just like a woman they will take off their make-up, put on their pajamas and go to bed with a hot chocolate. Many of these “ladies” find it easier to go through the transition to a woman, and worry less about what people think. Why do so many transvestites become London escorts? It does seem to be a very popular career choice for many men trapped in a man’s body. I have known many of these guys, and many of them are more feminine than many female escorts that I know. They seem to be in touch with some sort of inner female quality they possess, and perhaps this is why they make such great escorts. More than anything, they seem to really take pleasure and pride in the experience. I don’t for one-minute think that any of these men become clinically depressed once the make-up comes off. They seem to look forward to the next day, and meeting their next client. As a matter of fact, many of these escorts seem to have very loyal clients and genuinely seem to adore their clients. A lot of them treat their clients as friends, and almost mother them. And perhaps that is the answer to why they are so popular as London escorts. Men will always remain little boys at heart and could it be that it takes another man to understand that. Could it be that transvestite escorts in London are better at looking into the male heart than many of their female counter parts. Perhaps it is not all about sex.

How many transvestites change sex?

Surprisingly, relatively few have sex change operations. They seem to enjoy their lives for what they are, and many of them do have straight male friends. I often wonder if they are more accepting of normal society than what straight people are, and they have learned to be comfortable in their own skin. Most of my transvestite friends are wonderful people, and I would not be without them in my life. It is all about learning to respect each other and accept ourselves as individuals. Let’s also be honest here. Many of us do have another side, and that side may have a different sexual orientation or belief system. It doesn’t mean that when the make-up comes off, we will completely change. A small part of that personality will be transferred into the other one. Many female escorts in London are wives and mothers, and sometimes I wonder what makes a transvestite so different to them.