I was sitting down by the river the day, and I started to think about what the world is going to look like in 50 years. Things are changing so much and fast that it is hard to stay on top of things. Will we still have sex and will London escorts still be around? I am not sure about that. Things have changed so much. Sex robots are now beginning to become popular and there are even dating robots. Maybe London escorts will be replaced by dating robots.

By that time, I will not be working for London escorts as I will be too old. When my grandma worked for a London escorts service, things were very much different from what they are today. The girls did not have their own boudoirs and they did not earn as much money as the girls do now. My grandma can’t believe how much money I earn. I am sure that the girls who work for London escorts now don’t appreciate what it was like back then. Just like we will not be able to figure out what it will be like in the future.

It would be fun to have a sneak peek into the future and try to see what it would be like. Maybe I will just see a lot of robots sitting around and waiting for dates. That would make me laugh. How would gents feel about that? I am not sure how I would feel about but I am pretty sure that none of the gents that I am dating now at London escorts would like it. It makes you wonder where all of the money would go to. It is no really like robots needs paying after all. I just can’t imagine what it would be like to date London escorts robots.

I am sure that things will change so much that it will be hard to recognise things. My mom still finds it hard to relate to the Internet. Maybe there will be something else completely and I will feel a bit like my mom does now, It would no surprise me but I guess that is progress for you. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I am not sure that all of the progress that we have made in the last years is a good thing. We seem to have less time for each other. This is why so many men like to date London escorts.

Us girls at London escorts, we have to change as well. We have lots of different dating styles which I had never heard of before I joined London escorts. Things like duo dating and BDSM bookings is something rather new to London escorts. It is just like dating London escorts have become some sort of entertainment. Maybe that is the way things will go in the future. Dating London escorts will be some form of adult entertainment and we will have to have even more different dating styles. But by that time, I may be a grandma myself and find myself lost in all of the new technology.

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