It was not long before the guy who run the parties noticed me. One thing that I am really good at is socializing and he said that he picked up on that more than anything. We spent some together at the parties not doing anything special if you got my drift, and before I knew it, he asked me to host his most premier Saturday sex party. The pay was great and as I did not work at Wembley escorts from on a Saturday night, it suited me down to the ground.


Have you ever thought about becoming a sex party hostess? The girls at Wembley escorts often ask me what I do when I am not at Wembley escorts. Well, I have got a couple of part time gigs going on to make my life seem a little bit more legit. However, my favorite part time job is working as a sex party hostess, and I have been doing that almost every Saturday night for the past three years. At first I did not tell anyone else that I was even going to sex parties. I was worried about what people were going to think, but then I thought what the heck.


As a sex party hostess you have rather a lot to do. But just like a revel in my work at Wembley escorts, I really enjoy my work as a sex party hostess. The first thing you do is to welcome all of the guests, and make sure that everyone who attend are aware of the rules. For instance, we do not allow anyone in with cameras and single men are often not encouraged to attend. We run a strict vetting system, and you can only attend by invitation only to make sure that you are there for genuine reasons.


During the party, I make sure that the champagne flows and everyone is happy. I can’t participate as hostess. Instead I walk around and make sure that everyone else have fun and enjoy themselves. Most of the time things run very smoothly and it helps that I have worked for Wembley escorts. When you are an escort you learn to interact with people on a different level and I think that is what has helped me to become such a great hostess.


Sex parties in Wembley finish kind of early by international standards. When the party is over, our own team of cleaners come in, and I am make sure that everything is nice and clean before I leave. It takes rather a lot of cleaning up, but we have learned to become good at it. I love the job, and I am glad that I am able to combine it with Wembley escorts. Sure, it is not easy to keep up with my personal social life, but I get a kick out of the sex parties. When Saturday night comes around, I can feel myself getting rather excited and I always look forward to being a sex party hostess on a Saturday night.