I never thought that I could love someone the same sex as me. No matter how much I tried to control myself, I still get the same feeling. I discovered this when I was eight years old, I am born as a woman, but I did not expect that I can be attracted to a girl too. Some people find it gross and do not deserve to live. Nowadays there is a community for LGBT where people who are sexually confused is gathered and get support from each other. It’s beautiful when you have people that accept you, your confidence boost and give you a better life.


I grow up with a gay and lesbian in the family. Yes, my father is gay, but he is an excellent provider to us, while my sister is a lesbian. I also heard that she is planning to have a sex transplant, but she gets no support from my mother. My parents are separated, my mom and her family cannot accept him anymore. Well, my sister also lives with him, she gets support from mom financially, and other than that, there is nothing more. She never felt the love from mom and to her family. I am the youngest and stayed at mom. They thought if I was straight and will not an embarrassment. My mom used to deny my sister, and won’t like to topic my father.  They were banned in the house, and I get all the love and support to them. It is hard to pretend just because you are afraid to be unloved and not to be accepted by other people. Some people will laugh at and criticize my sister and father, and I don’t want it to happen to me.


I don’t want to be different, but this is not my happiness. It’s like I feel imprisoned in my own life. My feelings started when a new neighbor comes; I met Stella, the same age as me and very adorable. She is so pretty. We became comfortable with each other and played most of the time. We become so close that we enrolled in the same school, I love to be with her all the time and do the same thing. We have the same hobbies, and I am happy to be with her. Every time I think about her, I feel so glad and just caught myself maybe it is more than friendship. Perhaps I am falling to her. But I did stop myself from it that I decided to distant to her. I tried myself to like a man since a guy is forcing himself to me. Jason is a good looking man; everyone is chasing to him since his one of the heartthrobs at school. I did my best to go with him, watch movies, drink and make out with him. Later on, we had a relationship, even though I still want the same sex as me. I want to become real, I broke up with Jason and start a new life in London. For now, I am a Chiswick escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/chiswick-escorts.