Many adult couples may have a happy relationship with a lot of sex, and yet still fail to have deep intimacy. Intimacy exceeds just having sex, it is a deeper connection that is both physical and mental. It is knowing how the other person is feeling without them telling you, it is being able to look at each other and communicate your feelings without words; it is about being one says Hendon Escorts from Once a couple develop this deep intimacy, even their sex life will reach an unbelievable level of enjoyment. Here are some tips to help you develop intimacy in your relationship.
Touch and cuddle Scientists and sex therapists have proved that the sense of touch can trigger the production of oxytocin which is also known as the love hormone. Most couples in their first months in a relationship have a high amount of this hormone which improves the mood, makes sex much better and increases romantic attachment. When a couple cuddles even without sex being the objective, they increase the amount of oxytocin in the body which increases intimacy says Hendon Escorts.
Making it a habit to hold hands or cuddle from time to time will increase intimacy. Talk The best way to know more about a person is to talk, talking also helps in a relationship because the more you know about someone, the easier it is to please them. You would know what food they like, what gift to buy them and how to please them sexually. Even if you do not ask direct questions, talking always has a way of bringing out such things says Hendon Escorts. Remember talking involves listening as well so don’t do all the talking. Flirt Many people give up on flirting after they become a couple, this is a big mistake.
Flirting helps to keep the fire and passion burning in a relationship, it is good for both your egos, it reminds the other person that you find them attractive and reminds you that they also find you attractive, it will also raise their self-confidence so that they are not worried when they see you talking to someone else. Most couples who flirt tend to have a very great sex life. Laugh together Find something that makes you both laugh; it could be a game, a comedy show or whatever. Being able to laugh at something together brings you closer and makes you associate the other persons’ presence with laughter.
Laughter is also healthy and a healthy couple will have a healthy relationship if you laugh often together, you look forward to being around the other person and that creates an atmosphere for intimacy. These are just a few things adult couples can do to create intimacy. They may seem simple but you would be amazed how effective they are in improving a relationship and having the best sex you can ever had.