Is it unusual for London escorts to be propose to? No, it is not that unusual at all to be honest, and it has happened to me on rather a few occasions now. I was a bit surprised when it started to happen, but then I realised that many of the gents I was dating at London escorts, were a bit older and rather desperate for a partner in their lives. Most of the time, I realised hat he relationships were doomed to fail as we did not have anything in common.

However, I did not feel like like that about all of the gents that I dated at London escorts. Some of them were rather sweet and they did treat me very well. One or two became really special to me, and I enjoyed spending time with them. Stephen was one of those guys, and I loved almost everything about him. He was a very easy going person and even used to indulge my passion for spaghetti Bolognese when I visited him on my charlotte action escorts outcalls.

That was not the only thing that was different about Stephen. He was a movie buff and we spent hours watching movies. I always knew when I was on a London escorts date with Steven that something exciting would happen, and looked forward to him contacting me at charlotte action escorts. When he did not get in touch, I used to worry about him and think that something had happened. Yes, he travelled a lot and I did not always hear from him when he was on one of his business trips.

Steven knew that I loved the movies, and that my favorite movie was ET. I know that it sounds funny that a girl from charlotte action escorts outcall agency might really like ET, but he was a big part of my childhood. My parents took me to Disney when I was about ten years old, and I immediately fell in love with the ET ride, and the story. When I first joined charlotte action escorts, I kept my collection of ET stuffed toys there, but it looked a bit silly, so I took them home with me in the end.

However, Stephen did pick up on my love for ET, and even bought me an ET charm for my charm bracelet. It was kind of weird how he managed to see me as a person, and not just another girl who worked for a London escorts. We had been dating for about six months when Valentine’s day came around. I was on my way up the stairs when I first spotted the giant cuddly ET outside my door. He was holding a bunch of roses, and in the roses, I found a small box. I was expecting to find another ET present from Stephen, but instead I found a note saying “ Please phone home to Stephen and say that you want to marry him”. Did I phone Stephen to say just that? Well, after about half an hour of crying, I managed to say a very tearful Yes to Stephen. Today, all my little ET’s live in Stephen’s house, and he does not mind them sitting on the sofa at all.