I think it is great that Chelsea escorts recognize there is a problem but what else can be done? Surely we cannot leave it up to Chelsea escorts like https://charlotteaction.org/chelsea-escorts to police the murky world of child prostitution. This is something for the government and the police to deal with, but how can they effectively do so. First of all we need to stop the human trafficking gangs. This is easier said than done as many of them are very clever. They have broad networks and have even been known to bribe people.

31_1_17 london escorts 143Chelsea escorts know that in some countries around the world, child prostitution is the norm It is accepted that you can have sex with children and many children end up terribly abused. This is not accepted in the UK and something needs to change. Surely some landlords around places such as Chelsea must know that this type of prostitution goes on. What are they doing about it? They should report any suspicious activity and tell the police that they are concerned. Perhaps they are just as bad as the child traffickers.

This never used to be such a big problem but since the EU’s open borders policy the problem is getting worse. Many people come and ho as they please and we are not sure of their true origin. The problem should really be stopped at source but there are many countries in the world where parents actually sell their children to human trafficking gangs.

Child prostitution is becoming a really big problem in Chelsea. I have some friends who work as Chelsea escorts and they say that there are now more child prostitutes in Chelsea than ever before. Chelsea escorts know that many of these children are smuggled into the UK by human trafficking gangs. It turns out that child prostitutes are in high demand and the gangs can receive a lot of money from Chelsea pimps. The police seem to be unable to do anything about it, but I have heard that Chelsea escorts recently saved one girl from prostitution. The problem is that there are many others.

Chelsea escorts sometimes here about children who are forced to work as prostitutes by gangs or pimps. Many of these children have no access to welfare at all and some of them speak very little English. It makes the problem even worse as they cannot reach out at all. Some of the girls come from places like Ukraine or former Eastern Europe. Fortunately some Chelsea escorts come from this part of the world as well and have been able to help. Most escorts will report child prostitutes and get police or social services involved.

Child prostitutes in Chelsea and other parts of the world are often forced to work without protection and many of them pick up diseases. The problem is say Chelsea escorts, that some of these kids are so young, that they don’t understand what they have. Some Chelsea escorts have even taken young girls to the doctor to make sure that they get the treatment they need.